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Covid Cleaning

Air Duct and HVAC

Have you looked inside your vents lately? Lurking in your air ducts is an unhealthy build up of pollen, dust, environmental filth and muck. Even Worse – all that dirt travels through vents, spreads through the air inside your home, and can lead to allergies and respiratory conditions. Dirty ductwork also puts a lot of stress on your HVAC system, increasing your energy use and utility bills.

5 Steps Certified Process

  1. Shut off system and seal all the vents/return in the home to ensure maximum suction of dust and debris.
  2. We connect a high powered HEPA vacuum to main trunk line in the basement, attic or crawl space.
  3. We brush all vents/returns back toward the main trunk line using brushes and high powered air whips. During this process we take before/after pictures so our customers can see the difference a proper cleaning can make.
  4. After all the supply/return lines are cleaned, we then clean the main trunk line. During the entire process our high powered vacuum will be running to ensure all dust and debris is collected.
  5. If necessary or requested by the customer blowers/coils are cleaned to ensure maximum efficiency and full system cleanliness. An EPA registered all natural sanitizer may be recommended to kill bacteria, mold, and odors in the ductwork. This step is not always necessary and is only recommended when there is visible mold, odors, or for customers with allergies.

Improved indoor air quality of your home

Remove years of accumulated contaminants, allergens and debris

Extend the life of your heating and/ or AC system

Save up to 30% on your heating/cooling costs

Remove years of accumulated contaminants, allergens and debris

Improved health and well-being of your family

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